The Gap in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a world-beating system for business collaboration and information management. It includes some amazing, powerful capabilities for security and compliance, including Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel. We absolutely love it.

But if you’ve worked with SharePoint and Microsoft 365, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of keeping data access permissions under control. ‘Who has access to what’ always spirals out of control over time.

Torsion fills the Data Access Governance gap in the Microsoft 365 stack, for powerful visibility and control of ‘who has access to what’.

“Torsion fills in some of the gaps that Microsoft doesn’t cover. It works perfectly with our technology, which is why we partner with them to bring you an end to end view of how you can control your data.” – Security & Compliance Lead, Microsoft UK

access control models

How Access Gets Out of Control

It can happen in a lot of ways, most of them accidentally. Here are a few day-to-day examples:

Shared All Staff

An HR manager with a spreadsheet of staff salaries, in a Microsoft Team. They click Share to work with a colleague, but accidentally share with All Staff. Anybody can now find it with a simple search.

Hidden Groups

A SharePoint site for the Board, with access controlled by an AD Group. IT admin accidentally adds another group, nested in the ‘Board’ group. To the Board, access looks correct. But access is uncontrolled.

Wrong Person

A director’s sensitive document stored in OneDrive. They use the Share button to send it to a colleague. But there are two people with the same name, and they accidentally click the wrong person.

Changing Roles

A member in the Finance department has hundreds of individual files and folders shared with them. Then they move to the Marketing team. But they retain access to all sorts of sensitive information they no longer need.

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