The Problem Torsion is Solving

Microsoft 365 makes it so easy for users to share access. External sharing. People changing roles and assignments. Customers, partners and locations come and go. Data sprawls and permissions are no longer current.

Who needs access to what‘ is a big, complex, moving target. IT teams cannot keep up with manual processes and tools. Every file with inappropriate access is a potential security risk, and proving control is key for compliance.

Share and collaborate on 365
Share and collaborate on 365

Our Solution

Torsion delivers automated visibility and control of ‘who has access to what’ in Microsoft 365.

Torsion seamlessly empowers data owners to take responsibility for their own data, because they understand their data best. Its 360-degree visibility and round-the-clock audit trail effortlessly satisfies compliance. Our intelligent automation eliminates inappropriate permissions at massive scale, in real time, on auto-pilot.

Fully automated with rapid value in mind, Torsion is quick and easy to deploy, and needs little or no user training. Data owners own the decisions which make sense for them, saving IT precious time whilst maintaining oversight.

Torsion is crafted to be simple, intelligent and effortless for business users, not just IT. It’s automated Data Access Governance for security and compliance, so you can unleash collaboration.

Imagine a world where users can collaborate freely, data access is under control, compliance is a breeze, and the whole thing runs itself. It’s how we bring the phrase, ‘collaborate without limits’ to life.

Torsion. Collaborate without limits.

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