Embedded Inside Your Microsoft Tools

Data owners are busy! We cannot ask them to spend time, deal with complexity, or remember to do anything proactive.

That’s why Torsion’s business user experience lives where the users already live. It’s seamlessly embedded in the Microsoft 365 tools, not some separate app for them to log into. And its extremely simple to use – most user experiences are two seconds or less, then we’re out of the way.


Torsion is added to the Teams public and private channels. This gives data owners clear visibility of all the access, data and security status in the Team.

It automatically detects and fixes inappropriate access. It ensures compliance with key regulations and policies. Simple Teams notifications alert data owners to any issues. 


Torsion overlays the Security Classification and Status throughout the SharePoint UI, making it simple to see at a glance if everything is OK, and exactly where any issues are.

Click on any file, folder, library or site, for Torsion to provide clear visibility and precise control of ‘who has access to what’ throughout the M365 Group or SharePoint site. 


Torsion’s Sharing & Security is also available inside Windows File Explorer, for all of your users’ files and folders in their OneDrives, as well other Teams, site libraries which they’ve synced offline.

This provides powerful visibility of access within OneDrives, and makes it simple for users to get control of what data and been shared. 


Torsion’s Admin Console is a powerful tool for IT, Security and Compliance teams to get highly sophisticated visibility and reporting across all of the data, users and data access across the entire information estate.

Administrators can manage data ownership, certification campaigns, issues and governance configurations all from one single convenient portal.