Torsion is a Software Solution for Data Access Governance

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Torsion works with your existing information systems.
Either as a service in the cloud, or software installed in your data centre.

Getting started is a simple four-step process. Our partners are ready to guide you the whole way.

Where do you Want Torsion to Run?

You have two basic choices here. You can subscribe to Torsion in the cloud, or you can install it on a server you control.

Either way, you can connect it to any combination of cloud and on-premises information systems.

Subscribing to Torsion in the cloud is certainly easier, but the end result is the same. It comes down to whether you’re comfortable with SaaS or not.

Connect your Information Systems

Decide which areas of each information system that you want Torsion to work with, and then hook it up.

Cloud-to-cloud connections only take a minute to set up.

Cloud-to-on-premises connections take a short while longer (as you’ll usually need to install the agent software).

Then leave Torsion alone for a few hours, while it gets things ready to go.

How Should your Data Access Governance Work?

This is where you figure out a few important things about how your want Torsion to work in your organization.

How assertive Torsion should be when it finds a problem, where it should learn about your users, what Security Classifications you want to use… that kind of thing.

Its not hard, it just takes a bit of thought.

We make sure our partners  are particularly good at this part.

Introduce your Users

And finally, you’re ready to start switching it on! Most business users usually find Torsion incredibly intuitive to use. They won’t need a full-on training course, or anything like that.

But still, its good to let them know what to expect, and why you’re doing it.

Our partners  have plenty of templates and experience for this part, too.

Torsion works across:

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