Access Control

In an ideal world everyone has access to everything they need, and nothing they don’t need, even as things change. This requires a high degree of control over data access at a granular level. 

In Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive – there is far too much information, access, sharing, business change and too many people for manual IT processes and tools to possibly keep up.

But there’s no need to sacrifice collaboration for security.

sharepoint security governance

Collaboration vs Security: Torsion lets you have both

With Torsion, you no longer have to choose between Collaboration or Security. You can have both. This is what we mean by ‘collaborate without limits’.

Inappropriate Access

Automatically detecting inappropriate access & seamlessly engaging with the data owner to fix it 

Automate Permissions

Automatically grant and revoke detailed permissions as people change roles and assignments, customers and partners evolve, and your business constantly changes 

Enforce Policies

Enforce sharing and access policies in M365. The moment a policy line is crossed, Torsion detects it, and works with the data owner to fix it

Save Time & Money

Eliminate manual maintenance of access permissions, saving untold time and effort 


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