Access Visibility

How much can you really trust an information system when you don’t have access visibility to know who has access to the sensitive data stored in it? 

How can business users trust a system with their sensitive information, if they don’t know who will be able to access it? 

Even if you’re confident you have a handle on access to sensitive data in Microsoft 365, what about the more obscure technical configurations which can allow people to access data?

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The Torsion ‘Gasp’ Moment

Access Visibility

An interesting thing happens practically every time a customer starts looking at the visibility of ‘who has access to what‘ which Torsion provides.

We call it the ‘gasp’ moment.

It’s the first time that Torsion discovers sensitive information which is actually accessible by people who should not have it. They gasp!

“There is no way that person has access to that spreadsheet. I even double checked that recently.” But they were wrong.

Access Visibility with Torsion

Within hours of connecting Torsion to your Microsoft 365 tenant, Torsion gives you unprecedented visibility into ‘who has access to what’. Torsion lets you slice and dice to answer just about any access question you can think of. Within seconds, you’re able to see: 

Who Has Access

See who has access to anything, who gave it to them, when, how and why  

Pinpoint Problems

Pinpoint the data which has been shared inappropriately 

External Sharing

What has been shared externally, with whom, by whom

Buried Access

What data buried deep in a site has been shared differently to the site it’s in


Who are the most prolific sharers


Where is your most exposed data

Personal Access

What does a particular person, group or set of users have access to 


Which data owners in the business own what data

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