Confident data access control

Driving Security and Compliance

Sprawling access to files and folders, with limited control or visibility,
leads to
significant security and compliance challenges. 

Get Control of who has access to what, why and when.

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Home Torsion Information Security
Home Torsion Information Security
Home Torsion Information Security
Home Torsion Information Security

Torsion integrates with your existing collaboration systems, working with business users to monitor and control access. 

Our unique solution is cloud-first, smooth to deploy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

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Continuously tracking access, Torsion intelligently detects anomalies and vulnerabilities, and flags any issues to the right people.

Working invisibly in the background until it’s needed, Torsion empowers business users to help secure their own information.

With business user certification and total access visibility, Torsion makes it simple to prove you're in control of your data governance.

Home Torsion Information Security

As people move around and the business evolves, Torsion slashes maintenance costs by automatically keeping access up to date.

"We were always concerned that permissions in SharePoint were out of control, but our old manual review process could never keep up. Torsion immediately spotted a lot of critical access vulnerabilities that we never would have known about." 

"We had a security breach last year, when a contractor accidentally shared a critical folder with the wrong people. We deployed Torsion to make sure it never happens again." 

"Our auditors always look closely at who has access to important documents and why, but it was always difficult to show we were in control. Torsion has taken all that stress away." 

“Torsion moves control of file access to the business users, but without bothering them or taking their time. This makes complete sense as only the owner of a document really knows who else in the organisation it is relevant for.” 

"We're now in total control of access governance, even though we have a huge amount of documents and sites, and our staff move around the business often. Torsion makes it automatic and precise." 

“The user notifications are quick and intuitive to action. Other than these, the business user has no idea that Torsion is running in the background.” 

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