Do you know who has access to your sensitive information?

89% of companies suffer an information security breach every month, caused by a staff member.

Meet Your Biggest Security Risk

James Pritchard

still has access to the W.I.N account folders, even though he changed roles 4 months ago.

Anna Dixon

shared finance documents with her Gmail account, so she could access from her personal iPad.

Jane Smith

is one of 3 Jane Smiths. They are often accidentally granted access to each others documents.

"Torsion is the first solution we’ve seen, which truly solves the difficult challenge of controlling access to information at scale. We’re using Torsion in our business with great success!"

Gabriel, Director @ London-based consultancy

Torsion lets you precisely control who sees what

Keep your sensitive information out of the wrong hands

Control insider security risk

Simplify regulatory compliance

Simple to Use

Quick to Setup

Big Cost Savings

Torsion works across:

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