collaboration and security

Neotas was founded in 2017 and specialises in digital due diligence in open source intelligence.

The problem

We are a firm believer in using Sharepoint, data encryption and IRM (Information Resources Management) and keeping everything secure and in house is key to what we do. Having a cyber security by design framework was key to achieving this. We share thousands of links around certain structures and have a lot of restrictions on our libraries. We chose a cyber security system from Torsion IS that allows us to see exactly who has access to what and why.

As part of our ISO 27001 accreditation we really need to have a robust system in place and that comes from Sharepoint being at the heart of all of our documentation. We need to mitigate all the risks and a solution like this gives us peace of mind by being able to make changes really quickly throughout all of our architecture.

The solution

We looked for a simplified solution where we could visually see who had access at any one time. The information estate in Torsion IS is really useful to see who has access to what files and folders and where we need to change any permissions.

We looked at several other systems but we found that they didn’t have the same personable approach to that of Torsion. We sat down to understand what our current struggles were around permissions and keeping the information that was  in our system secure and it quickly became apparent that Torsion was the  product for us.

The reaction internally has been a very positive one for us. Users are confident that they are using a simple, secure information security system. We have seen bigger vendors who have software that is bamboozling but just not as effective for what we require at the business. It’s about finding a cyber security by design approach that works for your business.

Implementation was a pretty straight forward process. It was all about understanding our needs and it’s been very effective. We highly recommend Torsion. It’s very easy to integrate into your system and the level of customer services we receive is amazing.

The Torsion IS solution gives control of who has access to what, why and when in a world of sprawling access to files and folders. Torsion solves the problem of customers having limited control or visibility over data access, which leads to significant security and compliance challenges.