Financial Services firm secures data access with Torsion

Financial Services firms have a vast amount of sensitive data (whether their own or their clients) and are subject to some of the most stringent compliance regulations. Digital transformation and moving data to the Cloud poses security risks that can only be met with high levels of automation and integration.

Here’s how and why one of our recent customers in the Financial Services sector selected Torsion for control and visibility of their data access in Microsoft 365.

Digital Transformation – Security Top Priority

The Financial Services firm had transitioned to a SharePoint system and were responsible for lots of sensitive data right across the business. Data access security and avoiding data breaches was absolutely key.

Whilst SharePoint provided some security measures, it was clear to the firm that additional security was required when it came to having complete visibility and control of the data sharing within the organisation.

Automation was also key as the volume of data was too high to control manually.

Immediate visibility

With Torsion, the firm was able to see a full architecture of the data they owned, who had access to what and the business reason for that access.

Hidden data in nested folders was also revealed, a real gamechanger for all Torsion customers as this is where data access is often out of date.

Users within the firm can see who has access to their own data directly from within their SharePoint screens and can easily validate any sharing anomalies that are flagged to them.

Compliance – faster and more accessible

Financial Services firms using Torsion are able to access live reports of ‘who has access to what‘ and can provide these to auditors and compliance teams. Being able to show the business reason why somebody has access to a piece of data is also a requisite of many compliance standards of the Financial Services industry. Torsion helps firms prove that they are in complete control of their data access security.

Financial Services firms are invited to a free trial of Torsion where we can immediately light up hidden data access that you won’t even know exists. Get started by watching our 2 minute demo or arranging a call with one of our experts at