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Torsion Information Security is a SaaS software provider, founded in 2016 in London, UK. Torsion delivers powerful Data Access Governance for organisations using Microsoft 365.

Visibility and control of ‘who has access to what’ made simple, intelligent and effortless. Embraced by business users. Trusted by security and compliance.

Over a long career as a consultant in secure information management, Torsion’s founder, Peter Bradley experienced many times the challenges that organisations have in controlling access permissions in highly dynamic collaboration systems such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

We had never seen the usual advice – manual governance processes and IT Admin tools – actually work in practice. ‘Who has access to what’ always spiralled out of control over time, whether those tools were deployed or not.

In cloud-based collaboration systems like Microsoft 365 – data, people and access sprawls rapidly as the business evolves. Data owners have the close understanding of the business and commercial implications of the information in these systems.

Eventually, there was the ‘2am lightbulb moment’ idea for a new completely approach to solving this important security and compliance problem, and Torsion was born.

We believe that for Data Access Governance to be effective, it must be approached as a business problem, not an IT problem. The conversation needs to shift to the data owners in the business, with IT in a oversight role.

Torsion is designed to be extremely simple for business users, but also comprehensive and trusted by security, compliance and IT. It delivers rapid value early in the customer journey, and effortlessly handles enormous scale using the latest intelligent automation technologies. It’s quick to deploy, cost effective, and with simple configuration it runs largely on auto-pilot.

Torsion integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, to fill the Data Access Governance gap and add value to the excellent Microsoft 365 stack. Our cloud-based solution is trusted by a wide range of customers and partners globally.

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Torsion grew up in London’s world-leading tech start-up scene. Funded by Juno Capital, Bayes Entrepreneurship Fund, FSE Group, Veridian Ventures, Boundary Capital and SFC Capital. Supported by Innovate UK. Created by an incredible team. Enabled by a lot of hard work.

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