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Why it’s a good time to review your data access governance

There are 2 current and major macro influences causing businesses of all sizes to pick up the phone and talk to us about updating and automating their data access governance controls.

The first is the cloud, and the second is…you guessed it, the pandemic.

The cloud

The move to the cloud has been a massive wave of change that has swept through the information management world over the last few years. Files and systems have been migrating from old on-premises systems to the cloud on a global scale. But once you’re there, the focus shifts from migrating to the cloud, to living in the cloud.

All of a sudden, all your files and information are accessible 24/7 from anywhere, and it is alarmingly easy for anyone to share anything with anyone else, including outside of the company.

‘Who has access to what’ has always been out of control, but now all of a sudden the risks of that situation have skyrocketed.

The pandemic

Covid-19 has created an unprecedented rise in remote working. Everyone is working from home, and the world won’t return to the office as it did pre-pandemic.

This led to a stampede to adopt Microsoft 365 and cloud systems for information management and collaboration. In fact, Microsoft Teams saw a 1000% increase in adoption in just three months.

And in the race to keep people productive, and the fact that these systems make it so easy for people to share information with each other, the problem has accelerated to urgent proportions. The simplicity of business users sharing information is not balanced by proper visibility, control or governance.

Time for action

The number one concern our customers are talking to us about right now is how can they get control of external sharing. Torsion absolutely nails this problem by automatically identifying the problem, automatically figuring out who in the business is the right person to tell about it, bringing it to their attention, capturing their instructions, automatically fixing the problem, and keeping track of absolutely everything from an audit and reporting perspective.

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