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Why data governance tools haven’t worked…until now

There are certainly tools out there which aim to solve the problem of ‘who has access to what’. In fact some of these tools have been around for a long time.

However, I’m not sure anyone who knows this space has ever seen these tools actually lead to an organisation achieving the kind of visibility and control of the data access that they need.

Firstly, they’re typically very technical tools, with technical features for technical people. Sophisticated software, usually on an IT Administrator’s desktop.

Secondly, they require IT teams to plough through the gigantic structures of files and folders, libraries and sites, people and groups, to push and pull on the levers of which objects have permissions where. Setting rules, sending emails, and generating long and detailed reports which nobody has the time or attention to read, much less draw actionable insights and value from.

Torsion is a new approach that puts the power back in the hands of the business users or data owners…not IT.

Torsion sits silently in the background, finding problems, flagging them throughout the business and fixing them.

And instead of putting this whole challenge on IT, we send the business user a quick notification, a quick summary of the problem, and two simple choices – fix it, or ignore it.

And if they click fix it, then we do. Automatically. Its 2 seconds, in and out.

By using Torsion a business can now has perfect visibility of who has access to absolutely anything, and perfect control of who has access to anything.

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