Take Control of your Insider Security Risk

7 out of 10 employees have access to information they shouldn’t.
Its how many catastrophic security breaches get started.

What does Torsion do?

  • Proactively controls insider security risks
  • Streamlines GDPR and key regulatory compliance
  • Simplifies ISO 27001 best practices
  • Reduces IT management costs
  • Stops security breaches before they happen

Torsion gets access to information under control, and keeps it there.

Precisely Control Access to your Information

Every business is different, and evolves constantly.

With Torsion, access to information automatically adapts as the business changes.

Giving you absolute confidence that wherever you manage your data, it’s always in the right hands.

Simplify Compliance

Information owners and administrators can quickly see who has access to anything, both now and in the past.

Torsion provides the missing link – between who has access to information, and the business reasons why they have it.

Simplifying compliance with regulations such as:


Torsion provides clear validation of who has access to any information, and why they have it.

Torsion Puts You in Control

Access Control

Controls who has access to what

Access Validation

Validates who has access to what

Torsion provides control and validation of access to information, for security-conscious organisations.

Not just another IT tool, Torsion empowers your business users to take responsibility, and make optimal security decisions.

Cut through business complexity with access control which adapts to your changing business.