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What is Identity Governance?


What is Identity Governance? Torsion Information Security

Identity Governance is the central policy of user identity management and access control. Identity governance helps support information security and regulatory compliance/data governance.

Identity Governance provides the backbone of securing and managing access for every employee and third party that data is shared with, so they only get the access they need to do their jobs successfully – no more, no less.  It does this by ensuring access is only granted if it adheres to your own policies that have been agreed and disseminated to all involved. It monitors and records every event where access is shared or granted.

Effective Identity Governance allows you to answer the crucial questions required for enterprise compliance and data governance:

  1. Who has access to what?
  2. Who should have access?
  3. How and Why are they using that access?

Having the best Identity Governance not only increases information security but it also streamlines IT workflows.

Torsion automates the entire Identity Governance process by monitoring who has access to what, why and when. It’s so simple to use that information users within the organisation can keep their own data secure meaning the role of access management is no longer an IT problem.

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