How Torsion is Different to:

Complex Identity Solutions

Most Identity solutions control access to entire applications and systems, not specific files and folders.

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Most Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools are very technical.
To manage access to files and folders, Torsion focuses on the business users.

access control, minus the price tag

Most Identity and Access Management tools are frightfully expensive.

Complex IAM solutions allow IT to control access to systems and applications. Some also try to control access for files and folders using the same mould.

All that functionality costs money. You may have been considering an IAM project, but been shocked at the cost.

Torsion helps you get control of ‘who has access to what’, among collections of files, folders and sites.

At a price  which is much easier on your budget.

rapid deployment

Most IAM projects are big undertakings. They can take months or even years, and require huge technical expertise.

Thanks to Torsion’s cloud-first architecture, the technical part of most deployments takes just a couple of hours.

Including planning and internal comms, the whole project can be done in as little as a few weeks.

Our partners are ready to guide, and support you as you need.

See more about how to deploy Torsion in your business and IT.

Engage Business Users, Without Bothering Them

Torsion integrates in the user experience of your Office 365, SharePoint and Windows File Shares. It doesn’t divert users to a separate application.

Classifications, policies, controls and certifications are all seamlessly presented in the context of the information, inline with users’ existing workflow.

Most of the time, Torsion is essentially invisible. Staying out of users’ way unless there’s a problem.