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Torsion in the Press: The Telegraph ‘Can we tackle the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime?’

Our CEO Peter Bradley has been featured in an in depth review on The Telegraph which looks at 'Can we tackle the ever-revolving threat of cyber criminals'.

In the feature Peter is asked about what the future of cyber security looks like:

“We’ll need smarter weapons to tackle smarter hackers”

Peter Bradley, chief executive at Torsion Information Security

In 2030, the game of cat and mouse will continue. The threats will get bigger and the technology will get bigger. Businesses will always have sensitive information that needs to be protected and it’s always going to be human beings engaging with that information. They will just have smarter tools to help them do it.

The Torsion solution helps to monitor data sharing, empower business users to control it, respond automatically to business changes and circumstances and ensure your data governance is compliant.

You can read the full article here.

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