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Torsion in the Press: SME Technology Guide

Our CEO Peter Bradley provided some top tips for insider threats and empowering business users in this great cyber security feature by SME Tech Guide 'How to get your small business cyber secure'.

In the feature, Peter said SME owners should think about insider threats differently.

“It tends to occur at granular level, one document-at-a-time – not entire systems or networks at a time. This means that effective solutions (and useful conversations about them) are much closer to the business than they are to the IT teams responsible for technology. Our most vulnerable systems are those which store the documents – our collaboration, cloud storage and file sharing systems such as Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, FileShares or Microsoft Teams.

“Insider incidents have a much higher likelihood of actually occurring, and often go undetected for months. Our tendency to focus on stopping ‘the big incident’ overlooks the fact that the sum total impact of the smaller incidents, occurring on a regular basis, can have a far greater negative impact on the business.”

Peter also discussed where the responsibility lies for securing information. “The set of people who need to be responsible is broadening in that the business requires the cooperation and engagement of all staff members in order to keep information secure. The IT team can only ever have so much visibility of the detail in terms of what information exists, what’s sensitive, what’s not, who has access to it, who doesn’t and so on. Sometimes the people in the business need to be engaged in making those decisions and keeping those decisions up to date and accurate. The good news is that technology now exists to facilitate that engagement in a highly automated way, running in the background and causing minimum disruption to day to day business users”.

Read the full article with lots of advice from leading experts here.

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