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Torsion in the Press: PrivSec Report

Torsion has been featured in PrivSec Report discussing 'How fintechs can stay in control of data governance and cybersecurity' with Stephen White.

Torsion in the Press: PrivSec Report Torsion Information SecurityFintechs have to jump through numerous hoops when it comes to data governance and ensuring they are cyber secure. Data and processes are subject to regular scheduled compliance checks from internal auditors, plus spot checks without warning from external regulators.

You need to demonstrate that you know exactly who has access to what information, why and when; that you have the right processes in place to keep access to this information correct and appropriate; and that you are asking the right questions internally and externally. You must also prove that you are in complete control when it comes to owning and sharing data.

In this article we talk about how Fintechs can be confident in their data governance compliance.

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