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Torsion in the Press: Is the cloud creating opportunities for cybercriminals or businesses?

Worried about the security risks of moving your small business to the cloud? Torsion Information Security share their thoughts with SME Technology Guide on what steps you can take to mitigate the risks when it comes to data governance.

The cloud is revolutionising the way businesses operate but with it comes an increased IT security risk, notably a host of cybersecurity issues. Ultimately it boils down to the fact that by using cloud services a business network is connected to the Internet all the time – and that creates a much more accessible environment for unwanted visitors to have their fun.

Collaboration platforms such as Sharepoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams mean that the cloud now provides an avenue to the data located on each and every device or account so the problem no longer stops at the front door of the business, it runs even deeper down to each business user.

Cyber attacks have always been like a cat and mouse game. The technology used to implement the attacks improves and then the technology available to counter the attacks improves as well.

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