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Torsion and the Microsoft 365 stack

We are regularly asked how Torsion works with the Microsoft 365 stack. What value does it add? What does it do that Microsoft doesn’t already do?

Well, among the tools for data security and compliance in the Microsoft stack, Torsion fills the ‘Data Access Governance’ gap. All other areas are focused on IT, with technical tools for IT Admins.

“Torsion fills in some of the gaps that Microsoft doesn’t cover. It works perfectly with our technology, which is why we partner with them to bring you an end to end view of how you can control your data.” – Security & Technical Specialist, Microsoft UK

Data Access Governance is different. Good decisions about who needs access to what data, require close understanding of the data itself and with Torsion this sits with the data owners directly, not IT.

“I’m so glad to see that Torsion also offers the same level of transparency in how the software operates, how the little bits are interconnected to give customers the full peace of mind that they are buying into a solution that gives them the compliance feeling but also the guarantee that if something happens, like an auditor comes or you need to prove that what you said you were going to do with the data is actually done, you can do it at the press of a button. 

“Together, with Torsion, we can provide customers with the peace of mind that they don’t need to go on holiday as soon as an auditor comes because it doesn’t have to be hard.”

We work closely with Microsoft (we are Microsoft Co-sell Ready) to ensure we continue to complement the MS365 stack and create a continuous, familiar environment for MS users.

“Torsion complements what we have out of the box to such a degree that our customers will find a solution that really fits all of their needs, and not just the vast majority of their needs.”


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