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The Torsion ‘wow’ moment

There’s a specific moment and reaction that we witness every time a new customer starts using Torsion. It happens just after the customer connects Torsion to their systems and we call it the ‘wow’ or ‘gasp’ moment.

It’s when Torsion finds all kinds of sensitive information that was over-exposed.

Take customer X. Before connecting Torsion, they estimated they had about 100-150 internal documents that were possibly shared with the wrong people or not entirely secure. Within an hour, Torsion found over 15,000. Cue the ‘wow’ or ‘gasp’.

The good news is that the customers are immediately aware of any files and folders being shared incorrectly and Torsion automatically fixes any issues or potential breaches. They now have peace of mind that Torsion is running silently in the background of their sharing platforms and notifying data owners when something doesn’t look quite right.

If you are interested in having the ‘gasp’ moment and getting your information under control with Torsion, email for a free trial.

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