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The manual cost of updating permissions

The manual cost of updating permissions Torsion Information Security

It can take 6-8 hours of work, by an IT professional, per folder to update permissions. This encompasses locating and manually removing global access groups to identify users that need access, creating and applying new groups, and subsequently populating them with the right users.

Combine this with the fact that around half of companies have over 100,000 folders open to every employee, and you can quickly see the task of keeping permissions up to date is far too voluminous to continue to do manually. No matter how good your IT team is.

With levels of sharing and collaboration continuing to rise, particularly with increased hybrid/home working, it’s time to consider automation as the solution to keeping your file permissions and security up to date. Trust us, your IT team will thank you for it too!

The Torsion platform does this automatically, updating past, current and future permissions. It simply monitors data permissions in the background and prompts a business user if it finds something it’s not sure about. Updating permissions is no longer a function for the IT department.

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