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The added benefits of Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance puts you in control of, and proving, that you know who has access to what information, why and when. It’s vital for any organisation that has employees sharing data either internally or externally. As well as giving you the control and visibility of your data access, here are 3 more ways in which Data Access Governance can benefit your organisation:

1. Privacy Management

Data Access Governance makes Privacy Regulations far easier to implement and achieve. Imagine if you knew where, why, what and how your teams were sharing data prior to GDPR? The transition would have been far less painful. To meet Privacy Regulations, you need to know what data you have, where it is, how it is used and whom it is shared with, along with the relevant consents of course.

2. Cybersecurity

It’s difficult to protect your data if you don’t know who it is shared with and how and when it is shared? This extends outside of the organisation to suppliers, partners, customers and more. Having the control and visibility of your data access will make it far easier for your security professionals to protect it.

3. Information Risk

As well as knowing what the most sensitive and critical data is within your organization, you also need to be sure that only the right people have access to it – and also that access is revoked once no longer relevant. It’s a hard task to find the resources to manage this manually and so an automated solution is key.

Torsion can give you 100% control and visibility of your data access and governance. Email us at to find out more or try Torsion for free.

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