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Remote working will increase data breach costs

Remote working will increase data breach costs Torsion Information Security

In a new report by IBM, remote work during COVID-19 was expected to increase data breach costs and incident response times.

Of organizations that required remote work as a result of COVID-19, 70% said remote work would increase the cost of a data breach and 76% said it would increase the time to identify and contain a potential data breach.

Having a remote workforce was found to increase the average total cost of a data breach of $3.86 million by nearly $137,000, for an adjusted average total cost of $4 million.

Peter Bradley, CEO of Torsion says: "COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way we work and increased reliance on external cloud applications and collaborative working. Simply by increasing the number of files that are shared, the chances of a breach also increase. The number of shared files spirals out of control as there are typically no processes or automation to revoke access once it is no longer needed.

"Companies using automation tools, such as Torsion, to control their file sharing are experiencing much fewer data breaches and are able to mitigate costs very early on if there is a security risk."

Watch our video on how Torsion automatically controls file sharing here.

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