Torsion keeps your department in control of information access

The public sector security problem

It doesn’t take much for an information security breach to blow your budget.

Stretched staff are too busy to think about data security, and IT teams aren’t close enough to understand the security implications of one file versus another.

Catastrophic security breaches can come out of nowhere.

Torsion is the Solution

Torsion automatically ensures everyone has all of the access they need, without having to request it.

And nobody has access to anything they don’t need, without somebody having to revoke it.

Proactively preventing security breaches from happening – so you don’t have the cost of cleaning up after a breach.

Torsion saves you time and money, improving your security operations every day.

The people in the best position to spot inappropriate access are those closest to the information itself.

Torsion empowers information owners in the department to make informed security decisions for the information they are close to.

It is clear and simple, even for non-technical users. Use inline with existing systems.

Information owners can grant access using Security Rules, instead of manually compiled lists of names.

Sharing based on why people need access, not who.

Torsion automatically determines who need access, without needing to grant access manually.

Security stays up to date as the department changes.