Torsion controls security risks whilst maximising productivity

The problem of sensitive customer data for professional services firms

Accountancies, consultancies, lawyers. It is critical to protect customer data, and restrict it to just the team working on the account.

You also need to re-use your work across teams, to provide a better service, and maximise your profit.

But information systems don’t control access that way. Access to information can quickly get out of control.

And a breach of customer data could bring down the firm.

Torsion is the Solution

Torsion allows you to control access to information using the same matrix structure as your firm.

Striking the perfect balance between protecting sensitive customer data, and re-using firm IP.

Torsion works seamlessly with all your existing systems and processes, and is quick and easy to set up.

Torsion allows you to secure information based on the same structure as the firm.

Define access based on customer association, level, role, or any combination.

e.g. ‘Those who work as Account Lead, and on either the Kintrel or Lenray accounts’.

Access automatically stays up to date people move from one account to another.

Torsion allows information owners to assign simple labels to their sites, libraries and files.

Labels provide clear guidance to all users about the sensitivity and handling of any information.

Sharing rules bound to the label are automatically applied, making access consistent and reliable.

Administrators can centrally control access for all information using its label, across every system.