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Torsion helps organisations control insider security threats and simplify compliance

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Peter Bradley
Founder & CEO
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Twitter: @torsionis
Founded: 2013
Location: London, UK

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What we do
Torsion completely automates the decisions about who gets access to what information and adapts along with the constantly changing business.

Torsion empowers the people in the business, who have the best understanding of how their information should be secured.

It automatically keeps access controls accurate, across all of the systems where your documents already live – as the volume of information grows, and business circumstances constantly change.

Torsion makes controlling access to business information –
Simple, Precise and Robust.


The problem we’re solving
In a recent survey, 71% of business users indicated they have access to more company information than they probably should.

And in the last year, 75% of large UK organisations suffered an information security breach which was either maliciously or accidentally caused by a staff member.

These breaches often result in costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident, and businesses suffer an average of six incidents per year.

Across the landscape of information security threats, it is regular trusted staff members who are at the centre of some of the most severe damage from information security incidents.


Why we started Torsion
Torsion was born of frustration with the way in which companies tend to manage content access. Manual and haphazard, the old approaches are hopelessly inadequate for the fast paced, constantly changing, interconnected nature of modern organizations, and the massive amounts of information they deal with.

A few companies have tried to address the problem by creating more tools for IT administrators. But this misses an important point – IT folks usually operate at arm’s length from the rest of the business. That puts them in a poor position to make decisions about who should be able to access what information.

We started Torsion to create a way to do better. Driving down the risk of insider security breaches by driving up the accuracy of access to information. Shifting security decisions to those best placed to make them. Decreasing the cost of precisely securing information by automating access configurations and eliminating manual maintenance.


Torsion’s journey so far
Torsion Information Security was founded in 2013 in London, UK by CEO Peter Bradley.

His idea was to take security best practices from military and advanced technical environments, simplify them, and make them work for the everyday interactions that people in organisations have with business information.

It had been a long road starting with an idea, through concept, product, company and service, with constant improvement and growth. It has taken years of hard work – exciting, challenging and rewarding.