Torsion delivers robust, complex multi-dimensional access

The problem of multi-dimensional access

Sometimes, combinations of multiple factors need to dynamically drive access to collections of information.

We often see this in professional services firms, procurement systems, and external sharing systems.

e.g. Write access for Associates in Finance on Client A;
Read access for Partners on any Client; and
Read access for the Client.

As circumstances constantly change, complexity spirals, and access to sensitive information gets out of control.

Exposing the wrong information to the wrong people. And causing catastrophic damage to your business.

Torsion is the Solution

Torsion lets you set access for a library based on combinations of attributes, not lists of peoples names.

Permissions automatically adapt as people move from role to role, and assignment to assignment.

Access to sensitive information stays reliably accurate.

Torsion makes it simple to deliver robust, complex permission matrices.

Torsion’s Product Features

Grant access to folders and libraries using Security Rules, instead of manually compiled lists of names.

Sharing based on why people need access, not who.

Torsion automatically determines who need access, and keeps security up to date as the business changes.

Torsion operates with the information systems you already use.

Get up and running with Torsion’s powerful dynamic multi-dimensional access controls, in as little as two hours.