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Partner Insentra discuss using Torsion to get from Re-Audit to Pre-Audit

Our partner Insentra have published this great blog which takes a look at Recovering from a Failed Audit and Preparing for Re-audit.

Many businesses are audited every year and preparation for these audits often involves a mad scramble by IT departments to ensure they can prove the right people have access to the right information.  Access reports are created, carved up and sent to managers, seeking confirmation the right people have access.  This process works OK for the traditional file shares however, with data sharing made so simple with OneDrive, SharePoint and particularly Teams, who really knows who has access to what? Can you remember everyone who you have shared a file with?

Lee Foster of Insentra explains how their customers can use the Torsion platform to quickly see who has access to what data and importantly how audits can become a walk in the park.

Read the full blog here:

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