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How Torsion is Different to:

Default Tools & Manual Processes

In a cloud-first world, sensitive data is available anywhere, any time, on any device.

Do-it-yourself approaches for controlling access to information can be seriously flawed. And in the cloud, the stakes are much higher.

How Data Access Gets Out of Control

Generally, when someone needs access to a file or folder, they can just ask, and someone gives it to them.

In Office 365 and SharePoint, users can share something directly, and nobody knows why they did.

Then when someone changes roles or no longer needs access, nothing happens. Their access just accumulates.

And if you try to review who has access to something, its just a list of names. It’s not easy to spot vulnerabilities.

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In a recent survey of security decision makers*,

85% said it was ‘highly likely’ that their people have inappropriate access to information.

85% said the potential consequences could be very serious  or catastrophic.

Default tools and manual processes don’t work very well!

Torsion Keeps 'Who has Access to What' Under Control

Torsion invisibly integrates security with business processes. For the benefit and protection of the organization as a whole.

It empowers your business users to work securely with their own information, without slowing them down.

It intelligently spots instances of inappropriate access, and automatically responds as the business changes.

Secure Data Access Control,
invisibly integrated with your business and IT.

*Surveys conducted by Torsion staff at various information security conferences in London, including InfoSec, SINET and Cyber Security Show.