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Latest research shows Data Access under greatest pressures

Increasing amounts of data, cloud environments, business users working from home on multiple devices and compliance is all placing huge pressures on our data access governance.

Recent research by Egnyte has shown that remote work is 'driving more data sprawl than ever before, while adding significantly to the risks and vulnerabilities associated with sensitive information'.

The key findings from the research are as follows:

  • 76% of CIOs surveyed were concerned about the effects of content sprawl, with 38% of C-suite IT putting themselves into the ‘very concerned’ category
  • On average 47% of companies’ files contain sensitive data such as personal identifying information and credit card numbers
  • 56% of C-suite IT execs say that half or more of their files contain sensitive data. In industries such as finance, insurance, and healthcare, the number of sensitive files can be as high as 100%
  • 46% say employees have access to files they shouldn’t, while 40% don’t have access to the files they should
  • 97% of those surveyed say that existing approaches to digital file management create major issues, ranging from files kept on unsecured devices to those that are lost and unrecoverable

So where does Torsion fit in? Well, we top the wish list for most CIOs. AI virtual assistants and automation for file management was at the top of the CIO wish list (30%), followed by ransomware detection and protection (29%) and permissions monitoring and management (29%).

By automating file management and data access, and monitoring and managing file permissions, Torsion can alleviate the increasing pressures CIOs are facing overnight.




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