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It’s time to democratise your data

Democratise (verb) – to make organisations use democratic ways of making decisions

If you want to make a good decision about who should have access to a piece of information, you need a close understanding of the information itself.

And in order to democratise the control of data access, we need to empower the person who has that understanding.

It’s not IT (who typically have this role) – it’s not their job to understand every piece of information within a business. It’s the data owners within the business.

This is why Torsion has moved the entire conversation about data access governance much closer to the people who actually understand the information itself.

To democratise your data access governance you need to follow these steps:

  • Determine who the data owners are – who owns which files, folders, sites and Teams 
  • Give business users a simple, intuitive experience which empowers them without slowing them down 
  • Benefit IT by reducing support tickets and manual processes  
  • Empower data owners to take responsibility for their own data so decisions are made by the people who really understand the information

Sounds like a mammoth task? Well, the good news is it can all be done automatically with Torsion. Torsion determines who the data owners are, uses simple notifications to quickly capture their instructions when needed, and then uses intelligent automation to keep access under control (whilst staying out of the way). You can easily democratise your data at the touch of a button.

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