How it works: Respond

As people move around and the business evolves, Torsion slashes maintenance costs by automatically keeping access up to date.

With Torsion, ‘who has access to what’ responds as business circumstances change. For example, if somebody changes roles, their access is updated automatically. 

Access Based on Why It's needed

Torsion tracks not only who has access, but most importantly why they have access. If someone shares a file or site, Torsion quickly captures the reason why.

This could be their job role or department, the account they're working on, or that they're temporarily covering for someone else.

Torsion constantly monitors those reasons, detects whenever they are no longer true, and automatically revokes access which is no longer appropriate.

Access Automatically Adapts as Things Change

Torsion lets business information owners control access based on why people need access, rather than name based permission access.

Instead of manually compiled groups, just specify a simple rule, and Torsion takes care of the rest.

‘Anyone in Finance or Legal, and in New York, and as Director’. Simple.

Then as people change roles and move around, who has access to important files, folders, Teams and sites is updated automatically and precisely.

If you're familiar with 'Attribute-Based Access Control', then imagine it made simple for business users, flexible, and seamlessly integrated into your existing collaboration systems.

Flexible to Handle the Grey Areas

When someone changes roles, its never quite as simple as that. There are handover periods, secondments, covers, and crossover between roles.

So, Torsion doesn’t just switch off access from their old role. Instead, their old access is carefully decayed over time, while their new access lights up straight away.

Or when someone goes on leave, and someone else covers for them. Torsion can quickly delegate someone’s access, and multiple roles are easy to handle.

Or temporarily disable someone’s access, like an ‘out of office reply’ for their access to information.

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