How it works: Monitor

Continuously tracking access, Torsion intelligently detects anomalies and vulnerabilities, and flags any issues to the right people.

Torsion runs continuously in the background, monitoring who has access to what. 

If access is detected that doesn’t look right, a quick notification is flagged to the information owner to take a look.

Intelligent vulnerability detection

Finding access to information that someone shouldn’t have, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Torsion uses advanced Machine Learning to cleverly pinpoint inappropriate access.

It automatically determines who owns the information, and brings the vulnerability to their attention. And if they agree there is a problem, Torsion fixes it.

Stop Sensitive Files in Insecure Locations

Torsion automatically detects when sensitive documents are uploaded to insecure locations. 

If sensitive information is uploaded to a folder with open permissions or a relaxed security policy, Torsion immediately detects that the file doesn’t belong here, and alerts the right person in the business to move it. 

Prevent Inappropriate Sharing

Torsion allows you to create simple rules and policies which control who may have access to different types of information.

If a user attempts to share information with someone who shouldn't have it, Torsion actively prevents it.

Or if information is shared incorrectly through an external mechanism (e.g. domain groups, mobile apps), Torsion immediately alerts the correct person in the business, so they can review and correct the problem.

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