How it works: Empower

Torsion works invisibly in the background until
it is needed, empowering business users to help secure their own information.

Support Security-Aware User Behaviour

Torsion is a business tool, not an IT tool. It is designed for business users, not just techies. 

Users can see the security status, classification and policy guidance of the information they're working with. Without leaving the system they're working on, or even needing to think about it.

It supports all business users to engage with business information in a security-aware way.

Doesn't bother your users

Torsion lets business data owners engage in security decisions for their own information - without distracting or slowing them down.

It integrates seamlessly into the collaboration systems you already use. Augmenting the user experience with key information and simple tools. 

Most business users won't even know they're using it.

Mobilise Business User Insights

At the level of individual folders and files, IT teams rarely know much about the information itself.

Torsion enables business users to spot potential access problems, and supporting them to contribute to security decisions.

For any file, folder, Team or site, see exactly who has access to it. And just as importantly, the business reason why they have it.

Users can use their common sense and business knowledge to help the business make the most informed access decisions possible.

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