How it works: Comply

With business user certification and total access visibility, Torsion makes proving compliance simple.

Information owners certify access themselves. It is simple to validate who has access and why they have it.

Total Access Visibility - Who, Why and When

When it comes to data, it often comes down to the business being able to prove they are in control of who has access to what. 

For any file, folder, Team or site, see exactly who has access to it, and why they have it.

Only when you know why someone has access, can you prove to an auditor whether they should have access.

Torsion makes it easy to prove you're in control of exactly who has access to sensitive data, and that everyone’s access is appropriate.

Regular Certifications by Data Owners

Good data governance requires periodic security reviews for sensitive information.

Some tools force data owners to spend hours with tedious lists of names and details.

With Torsion, all the details they need are concise and simply presented. Data owners can review, address problems, and certify in just a few minutes.

Comprehensive reporting

Torsion provides comprehensive reporting* on the security and access of all your files, folders, Teams, sites and people.

  • Who has access to anything.
  • Who had previous access
  • Who accessed something recently
  • Chronological history of changes.
  • Everything that someone has access to.
  • Everything that someone had access to, on any date in the past.

* Some reports require Premium or Enterprise subscription level.

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