Torsion is an innovative information security and compliance engine, which runs either in the cloud or your data centre.

The engine securely connects to the information systems you already use.

Adding simple, yet powerful security capabilities for your users.

Automatically controlling access to information, one document at a time.

Up and running in less than two hours.


Connect Torsion with your Office 365 tenant.
  • Activate only for the areas and information you choose.
  • Torsion never stores copies of your files or information.
  • All connections and data uses industry-standard secure encryption.
  • Coming soon, you can also connect Torsion with all the other systems you also use for managing information.


Torsion quickly empowers your business users with the insights they need to make informed security decisions for their own information.
  • Inline with the user experience of your existing systems.
  • Clear and simple to use for non-technical people.
  • Encourage information owners to take responsibility for their own data.
  • All users can quickly identify inappropriate access, and take corrective action.


Begin thinking of access to information in terms of ‘why’, not just ‘who’.

Precise, need-to-know access to information is the most fundamental, effective strategy for controlling insider security threats.

  • By capturing the reasons why people have access to information, Torsion keeps access up to date automatically.
  • Knowing why someone has access leads to the best decisions on whether someone should have access.
  • Unneeded access is revoked immediately, or decayed gradually over time.


Clearly validate exactly who has access to any information, and why they have it. Torsion makes it simple to demonstrate compliance with regulations and policies.
  • See when anybody was given access to anything, why they received it, and who gave it to them.
  • Instant reports on who had access for any date in the past, and why they had it.
  • View the complete history of access changes.
  • Demonstrating the link between data access and business rationale is a particularly challenging area of ISO27001 – Torsion makes it simple.


Easily handle complex scenarios, saving time and money.
  • Issue with someone’s employment status? See exactly what they can access, or quickly suspend their access.
  • Permissions in a mess? See exactly who has access to what.
  • New person taking over a role? Delegate all the access from the previous person, temporarily or permanently.
  • People with multiple accounts (e.g. an internal and an external Gmail)? Consolidate them, so information is shared with the person, not the account.
  • Need to change the permissions for every document with a particular classification? Centrally control information access across your estate.