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How Torsion monitors your data access

In a world of sprawling file sharing, Torsion continuously tracks access and intelligently detects anomalies and vulnerabilities, flagging any issues to the right people. It runs continuously in the background, monitoring who has access to what.

Let’s look a bit closer at how and what it monitors

Torsion silently monitors every file, folder, user, access and user action, to intelligently detect access vulnerabilities and flag them to the appropriate people. But unless there’s a problem, it stays out of the way. 


For example, a spreadsheet containing sensitive financial data was shared from a site classified as ‘Sensitive’, with a policy that only allows users in the Finance team to receive access. But the person it was shared with works in Marketing, so Torsion will detect a security issue. 


It immediately alerts the correct person in the business, so they can review and revoke access. Any vulnerability is shut down in seconds. 


And if we tried to share the same document in SharePoint itself, Torsion prevents the violation before it even happens. 


What if we then try to upload that same sensitive spreadsheet to a less secure folder or site?  


Torsion immediately detects that the file doesn’t belong here, and alerts the right person in the business to move it. 


With intelligent and unobtrusive alerts, Torsion keeps you in control of who has access to what and why, staying completely out of the way the rest of the time.