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How to spot your internal actors of security breaches

How to spot your internal actors of security breaches Torsion Information Security

Of all information security threats, the ‘insider’ security threat usually isn’t the image that people’s minds go to first.  It is the incidents caused by regular, everyday staff members, acting mainly accidentally or oblivious to the damage they could cause by their actions, or lack thereof. The insider security threat tends to occur at granular level, one document-at-a-time – not entire systems or networks at a time.

This means that effective solutions are much closer to the business than they are to the IT teams responsible for technology. Our most vulnerable systems are those which store the documents – our collaboration, cloud storage and file sharing systems such as Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, FileShares or Microsoft Teams.

Insider incidents have a much higher likelihood of actually occurring, and often go undetected for months.

When we talk about the ‘insider’ we’re talking about regular, every day staff members working in the business. We’re also talking about external partners with whom information is shared.

  • Approximately 35% of breaches involve internal actors. Yet on average companies have over 14,600 folders containing sensitive information open to every employee
  • 17% (117,317) of all sensitive files were accessible to every employee (Varonis 2019)
  • Shred-it’s 2019 Data Protection Report found that 43% of C-Suite executives and 8% of small business owners admitted their organization had suffered a data breach due to human error or accidental loss

Torsion solves the problem of internal breaches by integrating with existing collaboration systems, working with business users to monitor and control file access. Continuously tracking access, Torsion intelligently detects anomalies and vulnerabilities, and flags any issues to the right people so potential security risks can be stopped in their tracks.

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