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From data sprawl to data governance

Knowing who has access to your data is complicated. Knowing why and when they have access is even more complicated. Knowing all of this when your volume of data sharing is sprawling exponentially seems utterly out of reach.

Once a collaboration system such as Office 365, SharePoint or File Shares has been running for around 6 months or more, who has access to what information, or ‘permissions’ as its sometimes called, has degraded out of control. Organisations have very little visibility or control of who has access to what business information.

And this makes it inevitable that people will have access to sensitive information they shouldn’t have, putting that information at risk from a security perspective. And it is extremely difficult to prove to an auditor that access to sensitive information is appropriate and under control (probably because it’s not actually under control) putting the business at risk from a data governance perspective.

That’s why we created Torsion. Not only does it control the amount of data that is shared. It also monitors who has access to what files, why they have access and when they access it.

And the great thing is, once our intelligent automation is handling the configurations and the detail, we now have an approach that scales. It no longer matters if there are tens of millions of files and folders, thousands of staff, everything moving around and access constantly changing. We no longer need more and more manual processes and people to stay across it all. Regardless how much stuff there is, our automation simply handles it.

Organisations now have perfect visibility and control of who has access to anything on a massive scale, in real time, making data access governance genuinely effective in its goal of ensuring data stays secure, and simplifying compliance.

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