Torsion shows regulators you’re clearly in control of security

The challenge of demonstrating compliance whilst staying productive

Demonstrating regulatory compliance can be expensive and time consuming.

But reviewers, auditors and spot checks don’t care how busy you are.

You need to show you are in control of sensitive information, without allowing compliance duties to disrupt and slow down your team.

Torsion is the Solution

Torsion lets you instantly show who has access to any document or file, who gave it to them, and when.

Torsion draws a clear line from the sensitivity, to the handling guidelines, to the business reasons why anybody has access to the file.

And connects it straight back to the regulations and company policies.

Torsion makes day-to-day control of information access simple – and even simpler to demonstrate to the auditors.

Torsion’s Product Features

Torsion allows information owners to assign simple labels to their sites, libraries and files.

Labels provide clear guidance to all users about the sensitivity and handling of any information.

The set of labels is configurable, so they can tie in directly with regulations and company policies.

Sharing rules bound to the label are automatically applied, making access consistent and reliable.

Quickly see exactly who has access to any information, and the business reason why they have it.

Knowing why somebody has access is key to validating that they should have access.

Logically link data classifications, business rationale and information access, satisfying ISO27001.

Across every information system you use, anywhere that staff have access to information.

Torsion instantly shows the precise details around anybody having access to anything.

Torsion makes demonstrating control of access to sensitive information, quick and simple.

Run reports on the security of any file, library or site.

Reports can be back-dated, or chronicle the complete history of security changes for any resource.

Reports are generated in seconds.