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Do you have data blind spots?

According to a new report by Cloudsphere (In the Dark: Why Enterprise Blind Spots are Leaving Sensitive Enterprise Data Vulnerable to Breaches) 32% of enterprises experienced unauthorized access to cloud resources, and another 19% were unaware if unauthorized access occurred.

“This issue is very current and continuously growing due to the complex nature of cloud environments”, explains Peter Bradley, CEO of Torsion. “Having visibility of who has access to what (and when) is becoming increasingly difficult. Business of all sizes, particularly enterprises, need to empower and trust their business users to avoid costly breaches and meet their data access governance needs.”

In addition, manual errors were highlighted to be a leading reason why IAM solutions fail, as 63% noted IAM solutions were not properly configured, and 56% said roles and access rights were improperly entered.

Peter comments: “There is simply too much data to manage and control manually. Only automated platforms and solutions, such as Torsion, can ensure that only appropriate access is allowed and inappropriate or obsolete access is automatically revoked.”

And unauthorized access isn’t always noticed according to the research. Unauthorized access often goes unnoticed with 60% reporting that the interval before correcting misconfiguration errors was monthly or longer.

“A piece of information can be shared many times with the wrong people, both internally and externally, in that period. Each time it is shared increases the risk of a security breach. Torsion continually monitors who has access to what information and immediately notifies a business user or shuts down access if it finds anything unauthorized.”

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