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Data Access Governance: Revoking data access

Within an organisation, people naturally change jobs and roles and of course the businesses itself evolves. But as this happens it’s really difficult to stay on top of file access and permissions. There are too many sites, folders and files to control manually and as a result team members retain access to data that they no longer need…and shouldn’t have.

This is how data access spirals out of control – data access is rarely revoked. 

The solution lies in automation of the process. This can be done with a Data Access Governance platform such as Torsion. ‘Who has access to what’ responds as business circumstances change i.e. if somebody changes roles, their access is updated automatically. 

It’s possible because the platform not only monitors who has access, it also monitors why they have access. For example, this could be their job role or department, the account they’re working on, or that they’re temporarily covering for someone else such a maternity leave.

By automatically monitoring the reasons for data access along with job roles/titles, it can detect whenever they are no longer compatible. Any inappropriate access is automatically revoked.

It would be impossible to revoke all obsolete access without automation even if it was as simple as somebody changing jobs. In reality it’s even more complex as there are handover periods, secondments, covers, and crossover between roles.

To overcome this, Torsion doesn’t just switch off access from their old role. Instead, their old access can be carefully decayed over time. Or if somebody is covering for a colleague, Torsion can quickly delegate someone’s access, and multiple roles are easy to handle.

With automation, revoking inappropriate data access is no longer a significant project requiring hours of manual input. It’s done on a daily basis in the background, stopping your data access governance from spiraling out of control.

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