Torsion lets you rein in ‘out of control of permissions’

The problem of ‘Privilege Creep’

When a file is shared with someone, the reason why they need it isn’t usually captured.

And so, when access is no longer needed – nothing happens. There are no prompts, no detection of unnecessary access or changing circumstances.

Access just accumulates over time. Business risk grows.

We call this, ‘Privilege Creep’.

Torsion is the Solution

Whenever anyone receives access to anything, Torsion captures the reason why.

Based on the reasons why, Torsion constantly determines who needs access, and removes it when they don’t.

Permissions automatically adapt to your evolving business, one document at a time.

Torsion finally gets Privilege Creep under control.

Torsion’s Product Features

Torsion allows information owners to assign a simple classification label to any site, library or document.

Labels are defined centrally, according to company policies.

Security Rules bound to the label are applied to the resource automatically, without having to think about who needs access.

Access to information becomes consistent and reliable.

Information owners can grant access using Security Rules, instead of manually compiled lists of names.

Sharing based on why people need access, not who.

Torsion automatically determines who need access, and keeps security up to date as the business changes.

With Torsion you can share any information temporarily.

An information owner can specify the date that a person’s access to any site, library or file will no longer be needed.

Torsion will then revoke their access automatically. Simple.

Torsion ends Privilege Creep once and for all.