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Collaboration Security: What is it and why does it matter

Collaboration Security is the practice of ensuring data shared through collaboration platforms is secure.

The rise of collaboration platforms such as Teams, Sharepoint and File Shares is presenting new collaboration-specific security challenges.

Today, most enterprise security strategies are based on zero-trust models that treat all devices and users as untrusted. However, these zero trust practices and governance aren’t necessarily being extended to collaboration platforms and services.

The key risks associated with collaboration platforms include:

Vendors, customers or partners outside an organisation being granted temporary admission into files and folders. If not managed effectively, this could lead to data loss, in particular as relationships lie dormant but their ability to access documents continues.

The other key issue that we have reported on numerous times is ‘sprawl‘. A recent IDC study found that 80% of surveyed IT leaders identified data sprawl as one of the most critical problems their organizations must address today. Once a collaboration system such as Office 365, SharePoint or File Shares has been running for around 6 months or more, who has access to what information, or ‘permissions’ as its sometimes called, has degraded out of control. Organisations have very little visibility or control of who has access to what any more.

Torsion integrates with all popular collaboration platforms to automate the entire security and governance process for you. Torsion not only controls the amount of data that is shared within collaboration tools, it also monitors who has access to what files, why they have access and when they access it.

Security and governance issues associated with collaboration platforms are on the rise and so organisations should be looking to incorporate Collaboration Security into their data governance and zero trust approaches.

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