identity access management best practices

ClearPeople is a Consultagency, and a recognised leader in technical and digital consultancy services based in London. We deliver engaging digital workspaces for our clients, by formulating digital strategies and delivering beautifully designed and smarter information management and collaboration solutions. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our services are underpinned by Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online and Azure.

The problem

The latest business productivity tools are great at facilitating collaboration, information sharing and discovery. But there continues to be a gap when it comes to controlling user friendly, efficient and easy access to large volumes of information within the context of a modern and highly dynamic business environment.

Our consultagents often work across multiple client accounts, and we depend on them to constantly build and share their knowledge, in order to grow our business. But it is also critical for us to accurately protect the security of our clients’ data, within strict internal boundaries.

Many of our clients also struggle with the same issue of controlling access to sensitive information. Securely managing their information, and compliance with new security regulations are frequently now among the top priority requirements for most of our clients. Increasing data volumes, shrinking IT resources, and the rise of the cloud and mobile devices have made this increasingly difficult in recent years.

The solution

Torsion is the first solution we have seen, which has a practical solution to solve the difficult challenge of controlling access to information at scale.

We began our engagement with Torsion by trialling it internally within our own business. This was a great success and involved very little effort to roll out to our staff. We quickly started deriving value and were able to immediately improve how we practically secure the management of client information. Some of our most experienced consultants reviewed the solution in depth, and they all responded with positive reports in terms of its viability, ease of use and the derived benefits of using the platform.

Early on, we also saw a positive response from our sales team, as to their expectations for selling Torsion to our client base where the need is even more apparent.


Vendor partnerships involve considerable cost to our business; we do not take lightly the decision to enter into a new partnership, unless we are convinced it will be commercially worthwhile.

Due to our own experiences using the product, and the feedback from our sales, delivery and support teams, we decided to engage in a full partnership with Torsion. We believe that Torsion solves a true business problem and addresses real areas of risk exposure, which in turn compliments and underpins ClearPeople’s digital workspace propositions to be even more attractive.