For Business Users

Seamlessly integrating into their workflow, Torsion empowers business users without bothering them.

torsion team of users

Let’s be honest. Users don’t care much about security. They care about getting things done.

But, we do need them to think about security. So Torsion makes it really, really easy for them.

Focussed on users, so they can securely work with data

Torsion is relentlessly focused on users and data.

It is designed for business users, not just techies. Using it is simple and unobtrusive.

It engages business users in security decisions for their own information. Helping them to be security-aware, without slowing them down.

Torsion gets access to information under control, and keeps it there.

It's Essentially Invisible

We take your users’ time very seriously. That is, we don’t want to take up any of it.

Most of what Torsion does is in the background. It normally only pops up if something doesn’t look right, or it detects a vulnerability.

And when Torsion does need to ask a user for their attention, it is usually only a couple of seconds.

Seamless Integration

Torsion isn’t a separate tool, sitting outside your existing information systems.

Torsion seamlessly integrates in the user experience of your Office 365, SharePoint and Windows File Shares.

Giving business users the tools they need to work with information securely, without leaving their day-to-day workflow.

Torsion is not an I.T. Tool

Torsion isn’t a technical tool, installed on an IT Admin’s computer.

Nor is it a complex identity tool for controlling access to applications or networks.

Torsion doesn’t focus on IT, or technical processes for managing access (though it does add a huge amount of value to IT teams).

Torsion puts the users and data at the centre, to secure and protect the organisation overall.