Torsion is a practical solution FOR

Data Access Governance

Torsion helps you get control of ‘who has access to what’,
among collections of files, folders and sites.

  • Improve Data Security
  • Simplify Compliance

Torsion works with your existing information systems.
Across Office 365, SharePoint and File Shares.

Either as a service in the cloud, or as software in your data centre.

Torsion works across:

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Torsion integrates data security with business process

Data Access Governance bridges the gap between security, compliance, business and IT. It’s closely related to Identity and Access Management.

Its not about policing your users

We’re not trying to shackle business users. We’re understanding who the users are, what they need, and empowering them to work in a security-aware way.

Its about keeping your business moving, securely

Torsion keeps your business users productive, without getting in their way. It adds important security information to the way they work, without demanding their full attention.

For the protection and benefit of the organization as a whole.

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80%  of all business information is stored in files.

89% of businesses suffer a security breach every month, caused by staff with access to those files.

Getting control of access to files is pretty important!

'Who needs access to what'
is a complex moving target

You have millions of files, multiple systems, many staff, and constant business change.

What someone needs access to today, may be different to what they need tomorrow.

Users are granting access everywhere. External sharing.
File-level permissions. Ad-hoc collaboration.

Manual processes  and IT tools struggle to keep up.

Access quickly gets out of control.

And all it takes is one mistake

It only takes one sensitive file to get into the wrong hands, to cause a catastrophic security breach.

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Secure Data Access Control,

invisibly integrated with your business and IT.