Actionable Awareness

Know who can access anything, why they can, and where you’re vulnerable.

torsion binoculars reflecting analytic data

Getting control begins with knowing who has access to your files and folders.

Torsion gives that information to the data owners who need it, along with the insights they need to interpret it, and the tools to do something about it.

see who has access to anything, and why

For any file, folder, library or site, see exactly who has access to it.

When anyone has access to anything, you can also see the business reason why they have it.

Only when you know why someone has access, can you effectively consider if they should have access.

business reasons captured as you go

If someone shares a file with someone, we’ll quickly capture the reason why.

Set access to expire after a time.

Or if the reason is because of their role or assignment, Torsion will automatically revoke access if their position changes.

identify vulnerable data

Torsion constantly analyses the security of all your information.

As it finds problems or concerns, they’re raised with the data owners, with the tools to resolve them.

When there are issues, Torsion lets users know the security status, so they can take extra care.

See some of the issues we detect.

periodic security reviews & certifications

Good data governance requires periodic security reviews for sensitive information.

Some tools force data owners to spend hours with tedious lists of names and details.

With Torsion, who has access and why, what’s changed, sensitivity, issues outstanding and resolved – are all simply presented.

Data owners can review, address problems, and certify in just a few minutes.

comprehensive reporting

GUI security reportTorsion provides comprehensive reporting* on the security and access of all your files, folders, sites and people.

  • Who has access to something.
  • Who had access to something, on any date in the past.
  • Chronological history of changes.
  • Who actually accessed something in the last number of days.
  • Everything that someone has access to.
  • Everything that someone had access to, on any date in the past.

Back-dated reports are only available for Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.