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Automation the only answer for secure sharing

When it comes to sharing files and compliance, you can’t just implement collaboration platforms such as Teams or Office 365 without implementing data governance policies.

But once you have communicated the policies and practices, how do you police them? You can’t stand behind your business users to make sure they are classifying the data correctly even when they are in the office. It is even less plausible to do it when your business users are working from home. And you can’t expect your IT team to do this within their role either. You have to rely on an element of automation.

The goal is to create a clear audit trail of who’s got access to which data, why and when.

Torsion is an automated platform that works with collaboration tools to automatically monitor and detect any inappropriate access, out of date folders and permissions, or the movement of files. If anything doesn’t look quite right it will promptly alert a business user associated with the file and shut down any potential breaches. Owners or creators of files and folders can certify and revoke access themselves, taking the responsibility away from the IT function.

Only with automation will businesses be able to stay in control of their data during this massive surge in remote collaboration.

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